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77% of consumers are unknowingly using AI solutions in their daily lives


AI technology is expected to boost productivity by up to 40%


The global AI market is expected to reach $500 billion by 2024

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AI is one of the most promising technologies in human history. It’s also one of the least understood.

Even today, the commercialization of AI has led to profit-driven solutions, unsustainable promises, and poorly-handled implementations.

We intend to change that. To teach both people and businesses the true potential of automation and artificial intelligence. To develop and explore concepts and ideas that are ambitious, innovative, and above all, impactful.

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Demystifying the Biggest AI Myths

We believe the future of AI requires a new perspective—one driven by the ambition to redefine what AI is and its role in unifying the limitless potential of artificial and human intelligence.

AI is a life-changing technology. But bringing AI into the mainstream will require overcoming some of the dangerous myths that surround it.

What are AI’s biggest myths?

  • AI vs. Humans: We must redefine the relationship between artificial and human intelligence by emphasizing the collaborative potential that exists.
  • AI Is Destructive: We must reimagine the role AI has to play in humanity’s story by highlighting its ability to transform the way we think and work.
  • Automation Is AI: We must accept that the most popular forms of commercial automation do not reflect the limitless potential of AI.

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Our world is evolving. Thanks to the intersection of AI and the Internet of Things, we stand on the precipice of something incredible. An evolution not just of technology, but of existence itself. 

A world where humans and bots work side by side. A collaborative environment where humans can unleash our full creative potential. Whether you’re a savvy entrepreneur, a CIO looking to optimize their business, or simply a hobbyist with a passion for technology, we want your help in pursuing that dream. 

Let’s embrace the future together. 


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We’re a group of people who think, breathe, and live for artificial intelligence. Between us, we have decades of AI experience in academics, law, and working with startups and tech companies

Dr. Jason Mars
Dr. Jason Mars


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Nate Joens


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Padowithz "Pad"


Impactful AI Podcast

by Dr. Jason Mars, Pad Alce, Nate Joens

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a phrase that has been littered across our lives recently, but what really is it? Dr. Jason Mars, Pad Alce, and Nate Joens of talk about their real-world experience teaching, patenting, and operating with AI to demystify what it really is.