Inspiring the Next Disruption

Ineffective chatbots. Poorly-managed algorithms. Mishandled attempts at automation. Deepfakes. Job losses. We’re working to spark the next thinkers that will obliterate this antiquity.

Moving From Myth To Reality

If you look at the current headlines surrounding artificial intelligence, they paint an ugly picture —and an inaccurate one. We what artificial intelligence can achieve in the right hands. We see through the myths, failures, and fears. 

We founded our non-profit ImpactfulAI because we want to help others pull back the veil. To promote deeper understanding and better conversations around artificial intelligence. We aren’t interested in profits, and we don’t care about pointless metrics.

We’re here to change the narrative around AI from failure and fearmongering to innovation and potential.

Meet the ImpactfulAI Team

We’re a group of people who think, breathe, and live for artificial intelligence. Between us, we have decades of AI experience in academics, law, and working with startups and tech companies.

Dr. Jason Mars


A professor of Computer Science at The University of Michigan’s Clarity Lab, Jason holds a PhD in Computer Science from UVA. He has devoted his life and career to tackling some of AI’s greatest challenges, and has been involved in the development of multiple groundbreaking technologies. He’s the bestselling author of Breaking Bots: Inventing a New Voice in the AI Revolution, and has founded multiple startups, including Clinc, Jaseci Labs, ZeroShotBot, and Myca.

University of Michigan

Jason Mars, 36; Lingjia Tang, 38

Lingjia Tang and Jason Mars are the wife-and-husband team that made big headlines in May when their Ann Arbor-based artificial intelligence company, whose technology allows companies to more easily interact with customers, closed on a venture-capital funding round of $52 million.

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Jason Mars | TEDxUofM

Dr. Jason Mars is co-founder of Clinc and professor of Computer Science at the University of Michigan. He has showcased his talents in the natural processing field by becoming one of the leading entrepreneurs in conversational AI. 

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A Top Computer Science Professor’s Insights And Predictions For Conversational AI

Breaking Bots: Inventing a New Voice in the AI Revolution by Clinc’s Founder CEO Dr. Jason Mars is available now. The book is published with ForbesBooks, the exclusive business book publishing imprint of Forbes.

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Padowithz “PAD” Alce


Digital patent law is nearly incomprehensible to most people — but Pad isn’t like most people. A patent lawyer specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning, he possesses comprehensive knowledge of emerging technology, and has never failed to secure a patent for a client. He is the founding partner of AI Patent Law, and has a knack for addressing both the technical and human side of patent negotiations.

Campbell Law School

Ai patent law

Pad is the Founding Partner of AI Patent Law, a patent law firm that focuses on building patent portfolios for startups and high growth companies with leading edge technologies. Pad has provided patent counsel for startup companies who have, collectively, exited for more than $4 Billion.

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Campbell Law 45th Anniversary Alumni Spotlight: Pad Alce ’10

Alce is the Founding Partner of AI Patent Law, a patent law firm that focuses on building patent portfolios for startups and high growth companies with leading edge technologies. In this role, Alce works primarily on patenting artificial intelligence and machine learning tech, among other complex technologies, and represents various startup clients throughout Silicon Valley, Ann Arbor, Northern Virginia, Austin, and Charlotte.

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Nate Joens


As the co-founder of real estate AI startup Structurely, Nate now leads the organization’s product engineering and machine learning teams. He possesses a deep understanding of product marketing and management. During his four-year tenure as CEO, Structurely experienced explosive growth and constructed a conversational AI that was almost indistinguishable from a human agent.

Iowa State University

SMART SCRIPTS: What We Learned by Analyzing 4 Million Real Estate Conversations

In this Ask The Expert, Nate Joens (Co-Founder at joins Chad Corbett to discuss what 4 Years and 4 million conversations, analyzed with artificial intelligence, tell us about where people go wrong in real estate lead generation and follow-up, and how to get it right.

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Lead Conversion Through Authentic Automation With Nathan Joens

Jen Du Plessis, talks with Nathan Joens, CEO and co-founder of Structurely, about engagement and conversion ratios. In particular, they tackle how you can convert those leads by scaling conversations through authentic automation, where they use the personal channel of text messaging that is unlike any other. 

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Geek AI Webinar

CEO and co-founder of Real Geeks, Kevin McCarthy, and co-founder of Structurely, Nate Joens, discuss the latest addition to our platform, Real Geeks Ai Assistant with Jed.



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