Qualify Your Leads Without Cold Calling

You are a successful real estate agent – your time is incredibly valuable. But how do you nurture relationships from leads consistently if you are a solo agent? Nate Joens is the Co-Founder at Structurely and joins the Calibrate Real Estate Podcast this week to share how brokers can harness the power of artificial intelligence to qualify better leads.

When Nate started Structurely, he and his co-founder spoke to as many real estate agents as they could to figure out what their major pain point was. They kept hearing, “Lead follow up and lead conversion is a huge issue for my business!” And as we all know, the fortune is in the follow up. The trouble is, chasing cold leads, facing rejection, and still staying after them consistently can be brutal for anyone. Nate knew there had to be a better solution.

They created Structurely, an AI Assistant that helps real estate professionals qualify their leads so they aren’t wasting their time talking to the wrong people. Thinking through the customer experience was the first step for them so they set out to create a truly empathetic AI that 99% of users think is actually human. The AI Assistant helps to get to the root of the client’s motivations for moving/selling and helps you to create a deeper conversation over time so you can spend more time closing and less time qualifying. Tune in to Learn more!